About SCPM

About SCPM


scpm-logo-straightSteed-Corry Property Management is a long time coming corporation that has evolved over a series of several years.  Linda Steed has over 16 years of real estate and property management experience, and is now continuing on as the owner and broker of the business. She is well known around Cedar City as the person to call for a rental property or to manage your properties. The hard work and determination she puts forth to the company is a plus to her success.  She is professional in everything she does and has the personality you can’t beat in the business.  She is always willing to go that extra step to make sure all the clients are satisfied and treated with our personal touch.

Loydine Zeigler is property manager, she is in charge of all rentals, and she walks-through and inspects both empty and rented units. She schedules any and all cleaning to be done to the units as well as carpet cleaning and she gets the available units ready for the next tenants. Also she is the one that handles the collecting and refunding of all security deposits.

Wynn Steed is our Maintenance Supervisor; he is over all remodel jobs and maintenance to the rentals. He has 30 years experience in building custom homes and log cabins though out Iron County. With working in Iron County he has known several vendors and contractors to help with costs and proper codes. He has a knack in getting the best prices available.

Pamela Kresser is our Office Manager. She has 18 years experience in running both Real Estate and Property management offices. She is currently in charge of office functions and bookkeeping both for owners and office expenses. She will assist all owners with financials and contract updating. Pays out all office expenses and will maintain owner accounts both receivable and payable. Also follow up on rental utility transfers, collecting past due rents and late fees. Best of all she got us into Direct Deposits! To make all owners checks available more timely.

Alyssa Alanis is our Rental Administrator. She is in charge of collecting rents and showing available rentals, updating owners of all 30 day notices and starting the screening process for potential tenants. Her great personality and kindness with the renter’s, has earned her a great deal of trust and reliability.  Everyone whom comes in contact with her always has an updated rental list, keys and directions to assure quality care and placement. Alyssa also updates the ads on our website and Craig’s list, her way with words can appeal too many.

Amber Parton is our newest Licensed Agent. She is in charge of collecting rents and showing available rentals, updating owners of all 30 day notices and starting the screening process for potential tenants. Her great wittiness and sternness with the renter’s, comes from the experience of helping her mother Linda in the office for several years. She is currently working with sales and listing new rentals to help place all persons needing housing.

Included with our services is our, ever so famous, 24 hour hotline. This helps us to stay on top of all emergencies and unexpected mishaps.  We have licensed Contractors and Handymen with years of experience on call with the lowest prices. We also make sure all owners are notified of any unexpected expenses exceeding our $100 limit.

With this great team of professionals and quality vendors, we wish to offer our clients the best Property Management and Maintenance for there rentals in Iron County.